Sdivine Fátima Hotel
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We changed a few things…. but we are still awesome!

We want to continue to be your Hotel in Fátima and keep this human warmth of which we are proud, welcoming you with a smile in our eyes.

However, we have made some adaptations of procedures to make your experience more agile and safe.

After all, we are Clean & Safe & Happy

Before your visit

  • Days before your arrival you will be contacted by email with the sending of registration form for all guests (including children) to fill in to speed up your check-in
  • The internal protocol and other information relevant to your stay will be sent to you

Arrival at the hotel - Check in

  • You won't be able to see our smile, but we guarantee it will be there! Take a look at our eyes!
  • At the hotel entrances the bags must be disinfected, you will find the right product.
  • You must enter the hotel with the mask and disinfect your hands on arrival at the dispenser we have at your disposal.
  • You will be asked for identification to collect your room key and possibly other information necessary for your stay.
  • The temperature will be measured for all occupants of the room.

During your stay

  • We appreciate your cooperation in using a mask whenever you move and stay in common areas (even in the dining rooms except when sitting at the table)
  • We have alcohol gel dispensers in all common areas of the Hotel, so we ask that you use them whenever necessary
  • Elevatores must now be used simultaneously by people who do not belong to the same group/family (maximum 1 user per elevator), always give preference to use the stairs
  • If you stay with us for more than one night, please let us know if you would like cleaning during your stay
  • Non-essential objects where removed from the rooms
  • We have intensified the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects of frequent contact


  • You should inform at check-in or until 08:00 pm, which type of breakfast you want:
  • At the Restaurant: in shifts, with pre-booked time; you should choose from the form provided in your room what you wish for your breakfast; When the number of guests warrants it, we can have an assisted buffet service. You should put on your mask, whenever you get up from your seat.
  • In your Room: you must make your choice from the form provided in your room. The room-service fee will be courtesy of the hotel.


  • If you want to have lunch or dinner in our restaurant, you must make your reservation at check-in or until 7pm for dinner.
  • At the Restaurant: the service will be performed in shifts with a limited number of seats in order to guarantee the distance or when applicable in an assisted buffet. You should put on your mask whenever you get up from your seat.
  • In your Room: we have at your disposal an extended room service menu. There will be no fee for room service.


  • Your order must be placed at the counter with the proper distance.
  • You should put on your mask whenever you get up from your seat.
  • Drinking at the bar's balcony is not allowed.
  • Staying in this space is limited to its capacity.
  • You can enjoy the outdoor terrace.

Kids Space

This space may be temporarily unavailable

  • You will need to request access to this space. It will be disinfected with each use


This space may be temporarily unavailable

  • You will need to request access to this space; maxiumum use of 2 people at the same time provided that the distance of 2 metres is garanteed
  • All equipment must be disinfected before and after each use; for this purpose you will find the right product at your disposal


  • Staying in this area is limited to its capacity in order to guarantee the necessary distance and regular disinfection of common surfaces.

Congress Center

  • In this area, specific measures apply. If you want to hold your event with us, contact us to request the internal protocol and the new capabilities of our meeting rooms.


  • We appreciate your cooperation in leaving your room's windows open when you leave.
  • The electronic key for your room must be deposited in the box at the Reception for this purpose.
  • Your invoice will be sent by email. It will be delivered on paper if you wish. Whenever possible, indicate in advance the data to be included in the invoice.
  • The TPA payment terminal will be disinfected with each use. Available by contactless.

What happens if I get sick (suspected or confirmed) by Covid-19 during my stay?

  • We will implement and put into practice the measures provided for by the General Health Directorate and which are included in our Contingency Plan.
  • If, due to illness, your stay at our hotel has to be extended, the client will have to pay the cost of additional nights and any changes to future reservations for the room in question

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